Monday, August 9, 2010

Yana & me

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad.    

Okay. This is about my first elective posting. Shortly.

At about 10 am, we reached the administration and declared ourselves to the person in charge. Well i thought it was kak H from the previous year but unfortunately she was not around. Instead, a kakak named I-can-hardly-remember attended us and prepared all documents needed. Though the waiting duration was a bit long, we managed to kill the time by completing puzzles from the free newspaper

Then here we are, in Emergency Department(ED)!! The staffs welcome us with warm smile and some friendly jokes. Dr A, the respectable head department was motherly kind and understanding.
We were told not to forget to note them up every time we went in and out from the department. After the mini tour handled by sister M and MA R, we were free to do as we like. Yippee ;p

So, we started wandering around the ward searching for the noble-looked person to hook up. End up, Yana attached with HO R and i was with Dr S, a medical officer from Pakistan. Well we don’t actually have a long session, but that’s enough for a fresh start (some clerking+ translating+ computering stuff).

* the translating part-it was bcoz Dr S only knows a tiny little bit of Malaysian words.

Next, summit of the day! LUNCH at hosp cafeteria with courtesy of miss Azliana Azhar.(tQ again.hihi)
We had a great time of course (as Ramadhan is in 2 days time) .  After stuffing our stomach with such marvellous dishes, we went praying (good counter back for the kg’s gained huh). While walking back, we stopped at the garden locked in the middle by that square-shaped building.

Owh what then eh? Hurm....ya we went to Ophthalmology Department for confirmation of our attachment next 2 weeks as well. Alhamdulillah, everything proceeds smoothly .The-very first-day ‘working’ experience ended when we went home riding a taxi. BINGO. Let’s see what’s the next day has for us. :)

** names were anonymized for some medicolegal issue. Except for Yana’s lol.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not To Forget

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

"I looked at all friends, and did not find a better friend than safeguarding the tongue. I thought about all dresses, but did not find a better dress than piety. I thought about all types of wealth, but did not find a better wealth than contentment in little. I thought of all types of good deeds, but did not find a better deed than offering good advice. I looked at all types of sustenance, but did not find a better sustenance than patience."

Umar (radiAllahu anhu)

it's simply becoz, U DONT LIVE FOREVER..:)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Notes of a drawler.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad. 

I fell soooooooooooo soooooooo sooooooooooooo inactive and sluggish today especially after the Dzhur prayer. I kept trying to read and do some Ophtahlmology MCQ's to overcome such stressful feeling of being lazy but I SIMPLY CANNOT  (read: Im not concentrating).  Where the hell has the adrenaline gone? ;p

Then I turned up making this list. Some muhasabah for 'study leave' period I guess. (as well as to update my blog hehe~)

So princess kacang, YOU HAVE TO :

1) Try to be as good as you can towards people, because it's not about how people will respond to it. But how blissful Allah will repay u instead. 

2) Study is your priority. But don't forget that everything has it's right againts you. Read Quran, clean your room, smile to the world, and any small basic things that are prone to be neglected.

3) Never to quarrel over a small thing. And basically to win. Allah knows what's in your heart. If  it's not to search for the truth, then don't even spill any word.

4) You are building a better pension of  yourself. And you'll be adjudicated for what you've done. So be wise.

5) Knowledge is light thus it will never bestow upon a rebel. So, cut it out!

And the Book (of Deeds) will be placed (before you); and thou wilt see the sinful in great terror because of what is (recorded) therein; they will say, "Ah! woe to us! what a Book is this! It leaves out nothing small or great, but takes account thereof!" They will find all that they did, placed before them: And not one will thy Lord treat with injustice. 

May Allah accept my repentance...

P/s- I wonder where that booster gone. But i know i have to find something before it's too late. Argh,why can't I be more grateful. Come on, today is Jumaah.and I suppose to finish the Al-Kahf  sooner. v(-_-)"
Take care people.;) 


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sign of Love

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad. 

Alhamdulillah, after working for several hours, finally I manage to finish this difficult task. My goodness, I just realized that I don’t really have talent in making even such a simple keychain.  Fo real, I wonder how the craft brother can design the pottery, glassware, jewellery, and the textile thingy! (not to mention every single branch in decorative arts).;p However, if the lifeline4gaza committees do not request for us to mingle with these threads and a not-so-firm wheel base, I would never try any fancy arts.hehe.. And taa daa, this is the end result~

special dedication to Azliana & Ramisah 

It does look like a moss ball, agree?

All  the best to my Gen 6 friends (senang jela buatnye); with strong passion and patience will do. Let's throw in our best effort to help our brothers and sisters in Ghazzah. May Allah bless us with Ferdaus El A3laa..
" Allahummansurna wal moslimeen"~

"The parable of those who spend their substance in the way of Allah is that of a grain of corn: it groweth seven ears, and each ear Hath a hundred grains. Allah giveth manifold increase to whom He pleaseth: And Allah careth for all and He knoweth all things. "                                                                    

P/s- Let's make prayers and donate for the sake of Palestine, just LE 100 from you and we may help to build a country~

Friday, April 23, 2010

Build success, build a personality

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad.

Last month I remember watching 2 videos from this site. Both were from female representatives. One of it, I can hardly remember the topic, but I enjoyed listening to her love’s perspective in human’s life. Nothing’s new in the talks actually but her manipulation of the idea regarding how important love is caught my interest. Another talk was delivered simply to educate people on implementing ‘girl’s behavior’ in our daily routine. As the XX chromosome is known to inherent the soft, patient and courteous sentiment, she strongly believes if people behaves with such manner it will then lead to a peaceful world! <3

I think it’s worthwhile spending your leisure time listening to people thoughts, especially from a well-known speaker. You’ll notice that there’s a loooot of outstanding people out there successfully delivering their respective idea to the community worldwide. Therefore, im recommending it. I was inspired to become one but err, I still working on ways to overcome my stage fright.;p

But not everything we hear and see everyday should be taken and genuinely implied into self. We have to take each single thing into consideration and weighing its good and bad side. Neither that we accept any ideas that we think are flabbergasting as it is. Allah gives us brain to think logically and depending on the Quran and Sunnah to evaluate everything we perceive. So, think twice. (or more :D)

Now let’s watch this video, and try to think outside the box. I regard his talks is awesome, isn’t him?

                                                A tower starts from a team.

P/s- Life is full of choices and possibilities. I can chose to spend my time rejoicing all the transient joy, but I am afraid that it’ll eventually make me cry for eternal in the Hereafter.  Pray that I can be a better muslim.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Be grateful, Allah is counting.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad.

My new round started with not a very interesting way. The schedule seems to be a bit clumsy and bizarre that we student often got confused with what actually stated. Our classes were being delayed several times and that’s matter to me. Well I can give my utmost respect to whoever willingly or can barely wait for several hours without knowing what actually happen; either the doctor will come or not. Hehe. I wondered whether there was any miscommunication between us student and our doctor. But when I figured it out, I came up with an answer, in which people can guess; if u deal with Arab people, then this is a matter of behavior. (Im sorry but this is not applicable to all :D )

Enough said, everything went well after four days later. Alhamdulillah, now I feel like everything is sitting in its place and my interest in Ophthalmology is developing. God’s willing, may He helps me acquiring His knowledge. Owh ya, I just happened to learn about “trichiasis”; a condition in which the eyelashes are rubbing against the cornea and conjunctiva. Instead of projecting forward and laterally, it becomes away from the normal position, which directed into our eyes. Then such abnormal position will cause irritation to the eyes and eventually initiate other diseases to occur. Masya Allah, such small thing can cause another big thing. Why don’t we be grateful ? Alhamdulillah~

We’ve been taught about all the common and possible diseases for each separating organ constructing the eye. Starting from the congenital disease, traumatic, inflammatory etc.Whoaa, everything in a bunch!  Personally, I think this subject is not that hard but we need to understand every single things concerning that particular disease in order to master it's relation with other disease. To study by heart is not a wasting investment FOR THE EXAMINATION, but we’ll be finished when the exam is finished. Perhaps, it’ll consume a lot of your time to memorize rather to understand. (ckp je la mls ;p) Plus, I hate it when people said that medicine is all about memorizing hehe.

Hurm, what I actually intend to convey is, everything I learned during these 4 years course of Medicine has given me something very precious, the grace in being thankful to Allah. We seldom appreciate what we have, until we lose it, right? That’s a common saying. But totally makes sense. A lot of things happened to me where I think I should be more appreciative in the first place. May Allah forgive me for being ungrateful, intentionally or not. Quoted from the Quran, let us together think the deep meaning of this verse, and take something from it.:)

 “Then do ye remember Me; I will remember you. Be grateful to Me, and reject not Faith.” 
                                              (2:152)- Yusuf Ali translation

P/s- Im grateful that my classes were delayed on the first four days, so i got the chance to talk with the head department

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Konsep tarbiyah?

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad.

Kelmarin aku merajinkan diri mendengar talk dari Ummu Naufal. Alhamdulillah aku diberi kesempatan masa untuk bersama-sama mendengar kalam hikmah dari seorang yang berpengalaman. Orangnya sederhana dan mudah mesra. Kami dijamu dengan pelbagai isu baru dari Malaysia beserta siraman nasihat yang mnyuburkan lagi pemahaman sedia ada.

Ummu Naufal menyebut tentang tarbiyah. Tentang bagaimana membentuk ummah dan dimana peranan wanita. Bukanlah satu isu baru yang memberangsangkan jiwa.Tapi ketukan bertalu yang meminta supaya ia tidak dilupa. Namun apa yang menarik minatku adalah saat Ummu Naufal menyebutkan tentang kaedah tarbiyah. Bagaimana tarbiyah itu dijalankan dalam bentuk official dan tidak. Ideologi usrah semata-mata tidak dapat mencapai tarbiyah jiwa. Individu juga memerlukan ketahanan fizikal untuk berhadapan dengan tribulasi dunia dalam mnyampaikan dakwah. Makanya, wajarlah bermacam agenda yang diwujudkan! Kendatipun pasti ia kelihatan berat bagi mereka yang belum sedar dengan realiti tanggungjawabnya sebagai seorang muslim.

Antara nasihatnya yang dapat aku simpulkan buat diri secara ringkas:

1) Kita perlu mnyambung kembali perjuangan sahabat Rasulullah saw dalam menyampaikan Islam. Menerima Islam secara thabat dan jelas. Menyibukkan diri dengan tugasan harian di siang hari sebagai khalifah; mengabdikan diri di malam hari sebagai seorang hamba di sisi Rabnya.

2) Memantapkan diri dengan ilmu falsafah, politik dan sastera yang lain. Ini jelas diperlukan untuk menentang sebarang aliran pemikiran yang ekstrem dan berjidal dengan hujah yang baik dan kukuh.

3) Mengambil contoh daripada sejarah terdahulu, bukan untuk ditangisi atau dibanggakan lalau dikenang-kenang.

4) Rosaknya umat wanita pada hari ini bakal melahirkan generasi yang tidak mampan kualiti. Penting untuk menyedari bahawa tanggungjawab kita yang tahu untuk menjadi agen perubah. Usaha yang sedikit namun istiqamah dan tidak putus asa menjamin kelenturan umat ke arah yang lebih baik. InsyaAllah.

5) Meneguhkan asas fardhu ain agar mampu menepis faktor luaran [racun ideologi yang pelbagai] dan faktor dalaman [hawa nafsu dan syaitan yang 24/7 berdampingan]

6) Mengupdate KPI [ Key Performance Indicator] atau mutaba3ah 3amal. Sangat crucial sebagai target peribadi. Dari individu yang cemerlang pastinya lahir umat yang cemerlang bukan?

Selain itu, Ummu Naudal ada meminta kami menyebut sifat hamba Tuhan yang ternukil dalam surah Al-Furqaan. Terkial kial juga menyusunnya. Hakikatnya MasyaAllah, indah sungguh penyusunan sang Pencipta terhadap makhlukNya! Beliau meminta kami merefleksi diri berdasarkan indicator yang diberi oleh Allah dalam kalamnyaNya.(Ayat 63 hingga 77). Penuh dengan perincian sikap beserta janji dan amaranNya.

Tiba ke penutup bicara, Ummu Naufal menyimpulkan kata kata dalam bahasa yang cukup indah aku kirakan. Aku ubah dalam bentuk yang ringkas, buat koreksi diri.

"Asas keimanan itu lahir dari hati yang bersih dan jiwa yang suci, manakala semangat itu lahir dari keinginan yang kuat"

Dan hari ini, aku aplikasikan nasihat Ummu Naufal dengan mengambil sepotong ayat untuk untuk difikir fikirkan:

"Dan orang-orang yang apabila diberi peringatan dengan ayat-ayat Tuhan mereka, mereka tidaklah menghadapinya sebagai orang-orang yang tuli dan buta."

Hambakah aku?