Monday, August 9, 2010

Yana & me

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad.    

Okay. This is about my first elective posting. Shortly.

At about 10 am, we reached the administration and declared ourselves to the person in charge. Well i thought it was kak H from the previous year but unfortunately she was not around. Instead, a kakak named I-can-hardly-remember attended us and prepared all documents needed. Though the waiting duration was a bit long, we managed to kill the time by completing puzzles from the free newspaper

Then here we are, in Emergency Department(ED)!! The staffs welcome us with warm smile and some friendly jokes. Dr A, the respectable head department was motherly kind and understanding.
We were told not to forget to note them up every time we went in and out from the department. After the mini tour handled by sister M and MA R, we were free to do as we like. Yippee ;p

So, we started wandering around the ward searching for the noble-looked person to hook up. End up, Yana attached with HO R and i was with Dr S, a medical officer from Pakistan. Well we don’t actually have a long session, but that’s enough for a fresh start (some clerking+ translating+ computering stuff).

* the translating part-it was bcoz Dr S only knows a tiny little bit of Malaysian words.

Next, summit of the day! LUNCH at hosp cafeteria with courtesy of miss Azliana Azhar.(tQ again.hihi)
We had a great time of course (as Ramadhan is in 2 days time) .  After stuffing our stomach with such marvellous dishes, we went praying (good counter back for the kg’s gained huh). While walking back, we stopped at the garden locked in the middle by that square-shaped building.

Owh what then eh? Hurm....ya we went to Ophthalmology Department for confirmation of our attachment next 2 weeks as well. Alhamdulillah, everything proceeds smoothly .The-very first-day ‘working’ experience ended when we went home riding a taxi. BINGO. Let’s see what’s the next day has for us. :)

** names were anonymized for some medicolegal issue. Except for Yana’s lol.

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  1. weyh nama yana pon ko kene censor kan jugak weyh..medicolegal issue jugak tu..takut lepas ni org2 hospital cari habisla korang..ahahaha