Friday, April 23, 2010

Build success, build a personality

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad.

Last month I remember watching 2 videos from this site. Both were from female representatives. One of it, I can hardly remember the topic, but I enjoyed listening to her love’s perspective in human’s life. Nothing’s new in the talks actually but her manipulation of the idea regarding how important love is caught my interest. Another talk was delivered simply to educate people on implementing ‘girl’s behavior’ in our daily routine. As the XX chromosome is known to inherent the soft, patient and courteous sentiment, she strongly believes if people behaves with such manner it will then lead to a peaceful world! <3

I think it’s worthwhile spending your leisure time listening to people thoughts, especially from a well-known speaker. You’ll notice that there’s a loooot of outstanding people out there successfully delivering their respective idea to the community worldwide. Therefore, im recommending it. I was inspired to become one but err, I still working on ways to overcome my stage fright.;p

But not everything we hear and see everyday should be taken and genuinely implied into self. We have to take each single thing into consideration and weighing its good and bad side. Neither that we accept any ideas that we think are flabbergasting as it is. Allah gives us brain to think logically and depending on the Quran and Sunnah to evaluate everything we perceive. So, think twice. (or more :D)

Now let’s watch this video, and try to think outside the box. I regard his talks is awesome, isn’t him?

                                                A tower starts from a team.

P/s- Life is full of choices and possibilities. I can chose to spend my time rejoicing all the transient joy, but I am afraid that it’ll eventually make me cry for eternal in the Hereafter.  Pray that I can be a better muslim.


  1. People change...
    =) may Allah bless u sis...

  2. How about turner syndrome ? Monosomy chromosome ? pity on them

  3. sha-hehe.inferior la dgn kamu..:(

    anon-aik. what about them? y?