Thursday, April 22, 2010

Be grateful, Allah is counting.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Peace be upon Prophet Muhammad.

My new round started with not a very interesting way. The schedule seems to be a bit clumsy and bizarre that we student often got confused with what actually stated. Our classes were being delayed several times and that’s matter to me. Well I can give my utmost respect to whoever willingly or can barely wait for several hours without knowing what actually happen; either the doctor will come or not. Hehe. I wondered whether there was any miscommunication between us student and our doctor. But when I figured it out, I came up with an answer, in which people can guess; if u deal with Arab people, then this is a matter of behavior. (Im sorry but this is not applicable to all :D )

Enough said, everything went well after four days later. Alhamdulillah, now I feel like everything is sitting in its place and my interest in Ophthalmology is developing. God’s willing, may He helps me acquiring His knowledge. Owh ya, I just happened to learn about “trichiasis”; a condition in which the eyelashes are rubbing against the cornea and conjunctiva. Instead of projecting forward and laterally, it becomes away from the normal position, which directed into our eyes. Then such abnormal position will cause irritation to the eyes and eventually initiate other diseases to occur. Masya Allah, such small thing can cause another big thing. Why don’t we be grateful ? Alhamdulillah~

We’ve been taught about all the common and possible diseases for each separating organ constructing the eye. Starting from the congenital disease, traumatic, inflammatory etc.Whoaa, everything in a bunch!  Personally, I think this subject is not that hard but we need to understand every single things concerning that particular disease in order to master it's relation with other disease. To study by heart is not a wasting investment FOR THE EXAMINATION, but we’ll be finished when the exam is finished. Perhaps, it’ll consume a lot of your time to memorize rather to understand. (ckp je la mls ;p) Plus, I hate it when people said that medicine is all about memorizing hehe.

Hurm, what I actually intend to convey is, everything I learned during these 4 years course of Medicine has given me something very precious, the grace in being thankful to Allah. We seldom appreciate what we have, until we lose it, right? That’s a common saying. But totally makes sense. A lot of things happened to me where I think I should be more appreciative in the first place. May Allah forgive me for being ungrateful, intentionally or not. Quoted from the Quran, let us together think the deep meaning of this verse, and take something from it.:)

 “Then do ye remember Me; I will remember you. Be grateful to Me, and reject not Faith.” 
                                              (2:152)- Yusuf Ali translation

P/s- Im grateful that my classes were delayed on the first four days, so i got the chance to talk with the head department


  1. Great minds think alike ;p

  2. eh cik tak ckp yg cik fiza ciplak..saje je nk point out the coincidence..huhu kn sy tulis, "great minds think alike."

    n sy ckp post sy tu yg tak best..bkn kisah psl trichiasis..hehehe jgn terasa ok~